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Our Culture

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  1. Customer Focus
    Employees at DriveWise consistently recognize, meet and exceed the needs and requirements of internal and external demands. We are compassionate, understanding and eager to help when dealing with our clients. By utilizing problem solving skills and being mindful of how our actions and attitudes are perceived, we ensure our customers’ needs are satisfied and our work contributes to the positive image of the company.

  2. Professionalism
    We conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with the values and goals of the company. At DriveWise, we pride ourselves on demonstrating an above-average knowledge of our job responsibilities, and it shows when we are able to deliver high quality service.

  3. Quality
    We use a systematic approach to accomplishing goals, which includes taking the time, effort and care to minimize errors and ensure the quality produced is consistent with the high standards set by DriveWise. We take pride in ownership of day-to-day operations and responsibilities, utilizing initiative solutions to meet overall goals.

  4. Teamwork
    Employees consistently demonstrate the spirit of teamwork by offering support to fellow coworkers whenever a need arises for a collective effort in accomplishing a task. We take a positive approach to working together to ensure tasks are of the highest possible quality. Goals are set as a team and each individual makes meaningful and positive contributions to achieve the set goal. It is this sense of teamwork that allows DriveWise to grow and achieve greater success.

  5. Innovation
    We take pride in the ideas of our staff, and encourage each individual to develop their own original ideas and make suggestions that have a positive impact on the operations, policy, products and/or procedures of DriveWise. Suggestions are not taken lightly, as these can reduce costs, increase efficiency and quality, and lead to improved ownership and responsibility.

  6. Working Environment
    DriveWise is a fast-paced, energetic environment that is growing rapidly. We emphasize the importance of teamwork and professionalism to develop and expand our brand. Great importance is placed on team building and working as a cohesive unit, as it has contributed to the past success of DriveWise, and will continue to do so in the future.

  7. Community Involvement
    We believe that every company, no matter the size, should take time to give back to the community. DriveWise is committed to the healthy growth and prosperity of local organizations by donating time, effort and money. Through countless hours of fundraising and community service efforts, DriveWise has given back to those who helped us grow.

  8. Leadership and Learning
    At DriveWise, leadership is an integral part of business development. Leaders from various industries, including military, engineering, marketing, professional writing, instructional design and more, have come together to lend their expertise in order to continue to build and strengthen the DriveWise name.

  9. Our People
    DriveWise attracts leaders with an extraordinary combination of attributes: passion, dedication and deep appreciation for developing the skills of drivers everywhere. This synergy is what brings out the very best in our employees and services.

  10. Our Commitment to Safety
    Over the past five years, DriveWise has played a vital role in road safety education. Through the education of new and first-time drivers, seniors, emergency services personnel, commercial fleets and professional drivers, DriveWise is committed to improving our roads, and the drivers who occupy them.

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