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XVR Incident Command System

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XVR Emergency Management & Incident Command System

When you arrive at the scene of an incident, the first five minutes will determine the next five hours. By utilizing the XVR simulation system, emergency management professionals can prepare, practice and train on tactical solutions, strategic planning and emergency response using an interactive, customized and hands-on method.

XVR is interactive and instructor-driven, where the learning outcomes are determined by the trainer and client. The scenario can increase or decrease in difficulty depending on how the student is progressing. Scenarios are created with you, so the challenges your unit faces will be incorporated into your training program.

DriveWise has subject matter experts in-house to work with our emergency management clients to build a program that focus on any areas requiring more training and to ensure all personnel have the knowledge and prioritization skills when arriving on-scene.

The XVR system works for all levels of emergency response. From chiefs and high level officers to front-line officials, responders get hands-on experience within their role either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a multiple-station exercise. It is also capable of inter-agency response to encourage open lines of communication between law enforcement, fire and rescue and to help define roles and tasks assigned to their position.

For a detailed case study with Midland Fire Department, please Click Here

Overall Benefits

- An interactive replacement for existing table-top exercises
- Plan and prepare off-scene for emergency situations
- Practice scene management and incident command procedures with an interactive, highly customizable system
- Experience and learn from high-risk situations from the safety of a controlled environment
- Training as a stand-alone exercise or link multiple participants together in the same scenario
- Maximize learner retention through an interactive and enjoyable training solution

Here's what's new in XVR 2012!

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